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Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus Claims Under the Civil Authority Endorsement

By Arnold Lakind, Szaferman Lakind Attorneys at Law

A number of publications on the web have examined the question of whether there is insurance coverage for loss of income and expenses paid as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders. Congress has encouraged insurance companies to pay these claims even in the absence of specific coverage but there is no mandate that they do so. The New Jersey Assembly has proposed a bill requiring payment, but that bill has stalled.
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Why It Helps to Go Back to Kindergarten Before Diving into a Marketing Strategy

By Scott McKelvey, Scott McKelvey Copywriting & Marketing

A few hours before I sat down to write this article, I watched my daughters board the bus for their first day of school. 8-year-old Caitlin is starting third grade, and 5-year-old Cassidy is off to conquer kindergarten.
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Microsoft Features to Improve Your Teams Meeting Experience

By Windows Management Experts Inc.

Did you know: Microsoft will be rolling out the following features to improve your Teams Meeting experience:
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Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Support Obligations

By Mariam Ibrahim, Antheil, Maslow & MacMinn, LLP

Without a doubt, the financial issues arising from the Coronavirus Pandemic and the resulting shutdown of businesses and “stay-at-home” order issued in Pennsylvania by Governor Wolf have had a major impact for many, including those with Support obligations, as well as those who rely on those payments.
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Ready or Not, the Time for Telecommuting Has Arrived

By Stephen Noll, TMA Bucks Executive Director

Timing can be everything. For telecommuting, the time is now.

The uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus has forced businesses and companies to go beyond simply evaluating the idea of employees working from home and finally implement it. The elephant in the room doesn’t seem so large now. Why? Because timing is everything.
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How to Prioritize Your Spending and Bills in a Crisis

By Joan Reading, Credit Counseling Center

Right along with the spread of COVID-19 is the rise of stress and anxiety over economic concerns – especially on a personal level. It is no fun to feel like your finances are out of your control, especially if you’ve experienced job loss, or anticipate your employment or income may change in the near future.

So take a deep breath and focus: It’s time to concentrate on YOU. You heard right – you! You know, the person earning the money and paying the bills.
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Why Cloud Phone Systems Are the New Standard for Small Business

Submitted by Ancero

When we get a call from a small business about an aging, premises-based phone system, we can usually predict how that conversation will go. Although their system is still functioning, it doesn’t work well and breaks down on a regular basis. The downtime and aggravation are hurting productivity.
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Modifying Your Business Operations During a Crisis

By Hal Levenson, Trilogy Partners

Let’s talk about how are you are modifying your business operations during the COVID-19 crisis. What a difference just a few short weeks can make. Prior to January 2020, when completing strategic plans with our clients, no one could have imagined including a global pandemic crisis as part of a SWOT analysis. However, this is what we face as a nation and now is the time to adjust appropriately. Business owners, including me, all need a plan to minimize disruption and keep our organizations moving forward.
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How to Simplify Collaboration with Remote Workers

Submitted by Ancero

The days of punching time clocks and sitting at a desk all day are becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason. According to a survey from Indeed, the majority of surveyed employees who work remotely feel a flexible work environment has improved their work-life balance (75 percent), reduced stress (57 percent), reduced absences (56 percent) and improved morale (54 percent). 40 percent would even consider a pay cut to have the option to work remotely.
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How to React During a Business Crisis

By Andrea Grubb, Trilogy Partners

Let’s explore how to react during a business crisis. Irony can be a funny thing. I was prepared to publish a blog this week on Selective Exposure and how it relates to business consulting. With the Coronavirus front of mind, it dawned on me that my blog may be taken out of context for those who are unfamiliar with the term and definition so instead, I’ve chosen to go down a different path to convey a message about something I call Selective Reactions. (For those in the world of chemistry, it’s not what you think.)
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COVID-19 Tax Resource Center

Submitted by Drucker & Scaccetti

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the landscape of business is changing rapidly. Similarly, federal, state and local tax governments are quickly responding to the need for extensions of time to file or pay tax liabilities due during the pandemic.
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