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Unlock Your Potential!

The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce offers programs for students and business professionals. The below document contains information on these programs. It is being developed by LBCCC to provide educational and business organizations a better understanding of the programs provided through LBCCC and its partnerships.

Professional Development Opportunities for High School Students and Business Professionals

The Youth Leadership Program offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to become a Leader.

Learn leadership skills during a 4-day program open to any Bucks County High School Student. Check back for the 2016 Youth Leadership dates.

The Youth Leadership Experience will take you through a variety of individual, group, and community activities. It will provide you with opportunities to enhance and develop your personal and professional life skills through:

  • Orienting
  • Developing
  • Exploring
  • Leading

Download the 2015 flier here to check out what last year’s Youth Leadership class was all about!

Here’s what past Youth Leadership participants had to say about the program:

‘I went to this program really not knowing what to expect. The end of the first day, I told my family about my day and how interesting it was. Learning about the business and leaders in Lower Bucks County gave me an appreciation of the area. The Youth Leadership Program was also used on my college applications and helped to build my resume. I am a music major in college now and look back to this program to remember to be a leader in my activities and community.’

– F. Vincent Gleason

‘The group helped me break out of my shell last year, in addition to making new relationships. The time I spent in class looked really good on my college applications. Colleges look for grades first and extracurricular activities second. Especially out of state schools, who want to know how well-rounded you are and how well you will be able to adjust to a new environment. I personally applied and was accepted to eight schools all over the country, and they all thought this was a good aspect of my character, so don’t forget to put it in your applications!!’

– Jen Windland

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