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LBCCC’s Young Professionals Committee Presents Annual Summit

The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating a successful annual Professionals Summit. The summit was presented by the Young Professionals Committee of the chamber at the Woods Services Training Center on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. The topic of this year’s summit was Networking and Social Presence.

The summit began with a talk from Sr. Trainer Larry Lowry of Travelers Insurance & Dale Carnegie. Lowry spoke to the power of changing yourself and the way you communicate, and how that change can positively impact your relationships in the professional world. With the techniques he provided, Lowry explained that anyone could master face to face interaction.

“By having the skills and confidence to meet someone and talk to them, it expands people’s networks and their perception of themselves.” Lowry said. Lowry has worked with the chamber for 15 years and praised their performance. “The chamber is doing everything right. It has a lot of impact on local business, both small and large. I’ve always been proud to talk about the Lower Bucks Chamber.”

Following Lowry was a presentation on the power of LinkedIn from Byrnne Tillman, LinkedIn Whisperer & CEO, Social Sales Link. Tillman explained the evolution of LinkedIn. She showed the summit her own LinkedIn and guided them on how to beef up their profile. Tillman also shared secret LinkedIn techniques that she has acquired throughout her journey as the LinkedIn Whisperer.
Next at the summit was a panel of young professionals speaking to the importance of networking, both in person and online. The panel was moderated by Woods Services’ Director of Policy & Governmental Relations, Kristen Erway-Farry. Panelists shared personal stories, highlighting how networking lead to their success.

The final speaker at the Summit was its keynote, Kyrus Keenan Westcott, the Social Media Specialist at 1SEO Digital Marketing. The title of Westcott’s presentation was Spreading Good Vibes & Positivity through Your Professional Network. Westcott was not afraid to get personal, and sharing his story with the audience. He spoke to the relation of positivity and success as well as the impact positivity has on personal and professional relationships.

“When you’re proactive and you work hard to make yourself better and make the people are you better, it’s only up hill from there.” Westcott said. When speaking about the energy at the event, Westcott said. “Everyone was incredibly excited to be there. I’m really happy with the people I met [at the event] so far.”

Kim Solis, the Young Professionals Committee Chair, headed the planning of the event. She established the speakers and content, choose venue and planned the setting up of the venue, as well as acquired sponsors and attendees.

“I think it went really well. Everyone seemed really engaged.” Solis said. “The staff [Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce] is amazing. I have worked with them a lot over the years. They are so helpful with connecting the right people and helping to coordinate to make it a smooth and well-run event.”

View pictures of the event.

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